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Client Testimonials

"Finally coaches you can trust! As a health care professional myself, I'm fortunate enough to work with both of the Health Coach Gals. I've seen first hand their passion, studies, and endless efforts to learn, grow, and put the information to practical use over the past few years. It's been extraordinary to watch. Knowing what they have overcome themselves first and then putting it into practice to benefit others really makes their work effective. They are both completely compassionate, thoughtful and are exploding at the seams to heal the world. It's absolute magic what these two are doing. If you are ready for some healing, I highly recommend trusting in The Health Coach Gals for some expert guidance and love."

Veronica R

"Seana has such incredible insight and understanding of healing and health. Compassion is always the key with her and The Health Coach Gals. Their thoughtfulness, coupled with education, equals a perfect combination."

Amy T

"Jenna delivered a 90 day program that is so personally tailored and impeccably planned, that the growth feels entirely organic, full of love and generosity. I am not the same person I was at the start."

Jan M

Client Testimonial

"More than I imagined..."

"The 90 day health coach experience was more than I imaged and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for accountability, compassion and support. The Health Coach Gals offer mindful coaching with your health, mind, business and personal goals."

-Erika K

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