Spice Box for Small Kitchen


Here's a lil trick if you have limited storage space in your kitchen, but you love to cook- A "Spice Box" is a simple solution that will help you stay clean and organized- Move it with you as you cook- To the stove, the island, even the barbecue! I like to keep my weekly spices all together so that I don't waste time trying to find spices hidden in a cupboard. Organization is KEY in the kitchen.

I have a small kitchen but I have created an amazing space to cook because I don't tolerate clutter- I always say "if you're messy in the kitchen, you're probably messy everywhere else."

Disclaimer: I haven't always been clutter free...It takes time and discipline to create new habits along the way.  I highly recommend designing your own spice box of everything you love to cook with. Make a new habit of (regularly) getting rid of clutter you don't use.