The breathing techniques Seana teaches you are invaluable and have the ability to change your your life

Seana is a wonderful guide for your personal 90 day transformation. She is gentle, understanding and most importantly holds you accountable. I have become more aware of myself and my thoughts and beliefs while working with her. She has helped me bring an awareness to my eating habits and diet as well. I was never overweight, but I use to eat so fast and had no control over my appetite. I often overate and felt uncomfortably full after a meal, yet was still unsatisfied. Now I bring an awareness to the table when it is time to eat. I take bites intentionally and thoughtfully think about the food I am choosing to eat and how I eat it.

The breathing techniques she teaches you are invaluable and have the ability to change your your life. Just bringing an awareness to your stress levels, your triggers and how to navigate situations when you are being triggered has been so freeing. I no longer react to situations, but now can create space to think about what is happening or being said and process how I feel about it and how I should respond, if at all!  She helps you realize that you can do anything you put your mind to. There are no boundaries except the ones you create. Your potential is limitless and Seana helps you soar to new heights.

 ~Jennifer R


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