90 Day Advanced Nutrition Programs

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Co-Created: by Dr. Steven Maseley and the Health Coach Institute                 

Adapted from: "The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up" & "Smart Fat" books

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and men accounting for more deaths than all forms of cancer combined. Cardiovascular disease causes heart attacks, strokes, sudden cardiac death, sexual dysfunction, and poor circulation. All stem from abnormal plaque growth within our arteries.


Heart disease has an enormous impact on health worldwide, even though we can prevent it 90% of the time. As important, it is those same factors that lead to heart disease and can also play a dramatic role in your quality of life. 

The good news is that when you take steps to tune up your heart, you benefit your circulation, and consequentially enhance your life!

Join our 90-Day Heart Transformation to help you tune up your heart and your life. 

The first steps are to focus on eating five new categories of food. The second steps emphasize the top five nutrients that are shown to help prevent and reverse the growth of arterial plaque. Our 90-Day Total Transformation incorporates concepts from Dr. Masley’s books “30 Day Heart Tune-Up & Smart Fat.”

Studies show that we can prevent 90% of heart disease today. Following these steps will help to prevent yours, and at the same time, you’ll tune up your heart, energy, waistline and romantic life.



Co-Created: by Dr. Brian Mowll and the Health Coach Institute                 

Adapted from: "Mastering Blood Sugar Program" & "The 8-Week Blood Sugar Bootcamp" books

According to the CDC, nearly 2.9 million Americans have diabetes, 25% of them don’t know it. 86 million people in the U.S. are currently living with pre-diabetes and 90% of them are unaware of. It is estimated that without a major change in diet and lifestyle across the U.S., as many as 1 in 3 adults could have diabetes by 2050. 

What has caused this exponential growth of people experiencing and at risk for diabetes? 

What is blood sugar and what affects it?

We help educate our clients on lifestyle habits that contribute to the disease, potential long-term health ramifications and an overview of habit changes that have a positive impact.

We help our clients lay the foundation for success and help them gain clarity on what they would like to prioritize and achieve as part of our 90 day program. If this concerns you, or you have diabetes, give us a call. We want to know exactly what you’re practitioners are currently supporting you in helping to manage your diabetes or concerns. We invite you to take Dr. Mowll’s “Root Cause” assessment to establish a baseline of your current health and identify top areas for improvement.



We can adjust our 90 Day Mind & Body Total Transformation structure to incorporate concepts from JJ’s “Sugar Impact Diet” that will help clients lose weight. 

 hCG Weight Loss Support & Guidance

Need support during your hCG weight loss transformation? Let Seana guide you through every phase of your hCG journey. 

Seana has helped support many clients during every phase of hCG to achieve sustainable weight loss. Please contact Seana for more information if you are considering hCG.