Cooking with Chef Jenna

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I learned, with my own daughter, how important it is to educate kids on the importance of eating right and also learning to cook for themselves. At a young age, kids are taught to eat when they are hungry- which usually means opening up a cereal box, putting a frozen meal in the microwave or grabbing fast food. What society has failed to teach kids/teenagers/young adults, is what happens to the mind and the body after years of processed foods and hormones build up.

As a licensed chef from Le Cordon Bleu (name drop), I was taught "more butter, more cream, more salt." I hated that we were being brainwashed to think that it had to be unhealthy to taste REALLY good.

Since my daughter was 25 lbs over weight, I set out on a mission to get her into the mindset of healthy delicious eating = a happy healthy mind and body! And here we are today- 25 lbs lighter, a bright light in her eyes, active everyday, focused, motivated and most importantly, self sustainable.

My classes are not about telling people what they can't eat, but more about all the possibilities they are missing out on that contribute to a healthy life. We laugh, we learn, we do math, we eat, and we always make a healthy desert!

Classes are great for birthdays and also highly recommended for families needing a "reset" in the kitchen.

"Families that cook together, get healthy together!"

RETREATS: $500/Day- Grocery receipts separate

IN HOUSE CLASSES: $75/person- Minimum of 5